You can have confidence in SNOREX™.

I am a snorer who wasted a lot of money and time trying to fix my problem.Off-the-shelf things like, sprays, strips, DIY guards, special pillows all ended in failure. Some reduced the noise briefly, but nothing came near to being a long term success. I knew nothing about snoring then, so kept trying one thing after another. 

I was about to give up and spend a lot more money on an expensive, uncomfortable and uncertain operation, when we found SNOREX™.

From the very first night we found that SNOREX™ "silenced" me. I have now been wearing one for over twenty years.

And it was the easiest, most effective, most comfortable, and in the long run, the cheapest option I had tried. Not only did it keep me quiet; I was amazed at the difference quality sleep made as a result of using the SNOREX™.

I always used to wake up sluggish and slow getting started in the morning, even before my snoring became an issue. But once I got a SNOREX™, good quality sleep made me a changed man. I woke up refreshed, rested and cheerful and I had more energy. My wife was also a lot more cheerful, and energetic because she was getting a full nights sleep without the constant, annoying, disturbance my snoring had been. The quality of our lives improved immensely, just because I stopped snoring.*
* As people are different your individual experience may vary slightly.

I was so impressed that I bought the rights to make them myself and have been making them since 1996. In that time I have developed a skill in making SNOREX™ and an understanding of snoring that means my success rate is very high. 

The SNOREX™ is unique. My emphasis on your comfort, my personal service, my experience, the convenience, long term low cost and guaranteed* effectiveness of the SNOREX™ means that there is nothing else that matches it.

The success of SNOREX™ comes from the fact that it is custom made and engineered just for you. There are no compromises, every step takes into account all your individual differences to ensure that your SNOREX™ will be the best, most effective and comfortable fit possible. Something that off-the-shelf things cannot do. If you are going to wear something in your mouth every night for the rest of your life comfort is the last thing you want to sacrifice. So no compromise.

The design of the SNOREX™ is based on the action a first responder takes to clear the airway before performing rescue breathing. By opening the airway, and keeping the tongue away from the back of the mouth, the soft palate, tongue and other tissue cannot restrict the airway. 

A SNOREX™ opens your upper airway in the same way so you breathe easier, snoring stops and you have a quiet, restful and healthy nights sleep. SNOREX™ costs $690 and will last you five to ten years. SNOREX™ is a premium, custom made device and service that is backed by a money back guarantee*.

The SNOREX™ is effective whether you breathe through your mouth or nose. And you will find the SNOREX™ comfortable to wear. It is made of a soft, quality dental plastic moulded and polished to the shape and contours of your mouth. Most people take to it very quickly, within a few days you should be totally accustomed to it, giving it no more thought than you do your wristwatch. But the benefits start from the very first night.

Since the SNOREX™ is custom made, it involves a personal visit to take impressions and measure the movement of your jaw. For your convenience depending on where you live in the greater Wellington region ask about a weekend or evening "in home" appointment. 

Snoring is an embarrassing, annoying noise that also poses some health risks for the snorer. Click on the other pages for information that should interest you and explain what takes place when you snore.

SNOREX™ has a remarkable success rate and will give you years of service. The $690 GST inclusive is a small price to pay for the guaranteed* performance of SNOREX™, the superior service, the thanks you will get from your family and improved quality of sleep. A SNOREX™ will stop you snoring - guaranteed*.

There is absolutely no risk and a lot to gain.
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Yours sincerely

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New Zealand

*As people differ your individual experience may vary. Money back guarantee terms and conditions; that the SNOREX™ is used as directed and that we explore all possible adjustments before giving up. The initial setting is based on your comfort and the ability of your jaw muscles, once adapted, increments to the position can be made. Any adjustment during the first year is free.