Snoring is driving me crazy

SNOREX is a premium service, providing a custom-made device designed to prevent snoring. Guaranteed. Made in New Zealand for over twenty-five years.

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For comfort and performance don't delay.


US FDA approved (registration reference K971818) NZ Patent 245730 and Australian Patent 697492

Covid-19 Protection Framework (Traffic light) Update

Update 23rd May 2022

Appointments can be held at the Stokes Valley office again!

Construction work has been more or less completed, with just a little bit of tidying up to do, but if you prefer an office appointment rather than a house call, the Stoke Valley office is available for appointments.

Vaccine Passes are no longer required for appointments held at the Stokes Valley office or for house calls at levels Red & Orange. Until May 24th, I am still happy to present my own pass for sight or app verification, if asked, for your safety of mind. 

If you are visiting the Stokes Valley office, QR codes remain up for you to sign in. Where possible please also arrange to come in on your own.

For all appointments in levels Red & Orange, it's recommended that other people present wear a mask during the appointment. Please don't be offended if we greet you or arrive with a face mask already on. This is a safety measure to protect everyone.
During Red level I am unable to demonstrate what a Snorex looks like in or how to put one in.

Booking an appointment in continues to be an essential part of our contact tracing and safety measures for both in-office and home visits.

Supplies of the Modere mouthrinse/soaking solution remain stable and can be sent out at any time.

Stay safe,

Chloe Gay